IWD and WHM: Interview with Dr Anne Graefer (Gender IQ)

Throughout March the Women’s Research Centre (WRC) are talking to a number of women who will share their expertise, specialism and experience to mark International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. Our first guest was Dr Anne Graefer, who is a Researcher and Founder of GenderIQ and provides training, workshops, lectures and advice on all aspects of gender, diversity and inclusion. A key part of the conversation she had with Sarah Reilly, the WRC’s Director of Research, was on the differences in attitudes towards women in the UK (where Anne has studied, researched and worked) and Germany (where Anne is from and now lives) and how their role and contribution in society is viewed and how gender roles have changed. A large part of this focused on the world of work such as the gender pay gap and the impact of having children on a woman’s career. Covid-19 was also a dominant topic of conversation, in particular how it has regressed the progress of women and has reasserted many traditional gender roles such as who has primary caring responsibilities or home-schooled children during the pandemic.  

The conversation with Dr Anne Graefer was fascinating and raised many important issues. We hope to explore these in more detail and provide a more thorough examination of them as part of our ‘Is Inclusion an Illusion?’ series, so watch this space.

If you are interested in learning more about what GenderIQ offer, please check out their website or contact Dr Graefer via TwitterInstagram or LinkedIn

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